We must drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change.  In fact, that is not enough and we need to remove greenhouse gases that are already in the atmosphere.  For the United States, the best approach to meeting this challenge is to adopt a broad-based, revenue-neutral, and market-driven greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program.  I call such an approach Pure Cap-and-Dividend to distinguish it from the more limited cap-and-trade and cap-and-dividend proposals usually discussed.  This website will explain what Pure Cap-and-Dividend means (a good place to start is here), how it differs from more limited cap-and-trade proposals, and why it is superior to other policy options.

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About Me

I’m Eric Cesnik.  I have over twelve years of legal, financial, and policy experience in the energy and environmental sectors.  I have worked for over seven years as a project finance attorney.  In addition, I spent over four years at a private equity fund focused on investments in carbon emission reductions and other “environmental assets.”  Along the way, I served as environmental policy coordinator for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign in 2003 and ran for New York City Council in 2005.  I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, graduated from Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School, and now live in New York City.

I consider myself a progressive capitalist and environmentalist.  I am dismayed that the United States is not using its strengths to solve the climate change problem.  I believe that by adopting American principles that combine the best of both the liberal-democratic and conservative-republican political traditions, we can solve the climate change problem while strengthening our nation — both in economic and political terms.

Who Funds this Website?

Worried that this website is funded by a nefarious industry group or a radical left-wing (or right-wing, take your pick) political action committee?  Rest easy.  The site is funded out of my own pocket and fueled by my concern about the future of our planet.  It is a low budget operation.

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