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Deadline Today for Keystone XL Comments

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Today is your last chance to provide an official comment to the State Department regarding whether the Keystone pipeline expansion should be approved.  Most environmental organizations are urging the president to block the pipeline – suggests that if he approves Keystone XL, Obama will become the “pipeline president” – but is stopping Keystone XL […]

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Keystone, Activism, and Pure Cap-and-Dividend

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Environmental activists have made stopping the expansion of TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline a top priority.  Keystone XL, the expansion project, would transport Canadian tar sands oil to markets in the United States and beyond.  (A proposed southern addition to the pipeline would carry oil to the Gulf of Mexico, facilitating further transport by oil tanker.)  The […]

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Environmental Faceoff: The Obama Campaign v. Obama?

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With no candidate to reelect, Obama for America has morphed into Organizing for Action, an issues advocacy group.  OFA will, to quote its website, “support President Obama in achieving enactment of the national agenda Americans voted for on Election Day 2012.” There’s just one problem: What if President Obama backs away from the very agenda […]

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