“Cap-and-Trade Is Beautiful” Becomes “Cap Carbon Now”

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For better or worse, it’s not just what we say, it’s how we say it.  I have changed this website’s name from “Cap-and-Trade Is Beautiful” to “Cap Carbon Now” for several reasons.   First, “Cap Carbon Now” offers the reader a call to action as opposed to, well, an observation.  Second, it emphasizes the most important aspect of Pure Cap-and-Dividend (which I formerly called “Pure Cap-and-Trade”): a firm cap on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.  No other realistic climate change policy includes a true cap on emissions.

Third, the term “cap-and-trade” is widely misunderstood and has been tarnished by misleading attacks from both liberals and conservatives.  Part of the problem may be that “cap-and-trade” is not well defined and there is a lot of variation among cap-and-trade and cap-and-dividend proposals, including some which are terrible.  While this website remains dedicated to articulating and advocating a Pure Cap-and-Dividend program, it is important that readers leave preconceived notions about cap-and-trade (and even other cap-and-dividend proposals) behind.  Odds of this occurring may increase slightly with the name change.  Last but not least, “Cap Carbon Now” is shorter and easier to say.