Rep. Chris Van Hollen Introduces Cap-and-Dividend Bill

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Representative Chris Van Hollen of Maryland wins the first annual Cap Carbon Now Legislator of the Year Award for introducing the Healthy Climate and Family Security Act of 2014, a cap-and-dividend bill.

Yes, Van Hollen introduced similar legislation in 2009 and it died in committee. But the fact that Van Hollen has reintroduced a cap-and-dividend bill in this Congress suggests that he, at least, believes the tide is turning and we can start talking about a comprehensive solution to slash carbon emissions again. Hopefully Representatives Lloyd Doggett (TX), Earl Blumenauer (OR), and Mike Thompson (CA) are again co-sponsoring the bill. Yes, we will still need another 214 representatives and 51 senators (or 60 to avoid a filibuster), including some Republicans, to climb aboard, but who’s counting?

Van Hollen’s bill is not as far reaching as my Pure Cap-and-Dividend proposal but it is similar in spirit. Cap-and-dividend is back on the table. Thank you, Representative Van Hollen.

Don’t miss UMass-Amherst Professor James K. Boyce’s New York Times Op-Ed discussing the bill and its advantages. And Van Hollen penned a piece now on the Huffington Post.

Here we go!