An Early Delivery for Earth Day: A Modest Plan to Save the Planet

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The Greenland ice sheet is melting “freakishly early” this spring.  Climate change has exacerbated this year’s El Nino such that it is causing “gruesome” and “unprecedented” coral death. New studies suggest that the West Antarctic ice sheet could disintegrate within decades instead of over hundreds or even thousands of years, leading to more rapid ocean level rise.  These are headlines from just the last few weeks. And, frankly, they aren’t even shocking—this kind of news has become the new normal.  It’s almost enough to make you give up.  I think of the narrator’s air of resignation at the end of Bob Dylan’s Black Diamond Bay as he dismisses news of a tragedy and shuts off the news reasoning, “Seems like every time you turn around, there’s another hard luck story that you’re gonna hear.

But with Earth Day approaching, I have something different for you: Here’s a plan to reduce the United States’ greenhouse gas emissions by 100% by 2040 and 150% by 2060.

Yes, that’s a more aggressive plan than you will find elsewhere and it means massive negative emissions—removing massive amounts of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere—by 2060.  While policymakers dawdle, the science only becomes clearer that we need to act quickly.  Newly updated, Pure Cap-and-Dividend  is a concrete plan to bring the awesome power of the American economy to bear on solving the climate crisis.